26 Feb 2018

Three things to consider when you’re just starting out


1). Don’t Look For Problems, Look for Solutions

When starting a business, there will be many “bumps” along the way.  These “problems” can be very frustrating or even kill a start-up business.  Think of it this way, problems are just opportunities to discover solutions.  If you can solve problems better than your competitors, or discover solutions to enhance your product or service, you’ll gain favorable position in your marketplace.


2). Keep Things Simple

Focus on your main product or service initially.  There may be a multitude of subsequent products or services you can offer as part of your business, but focus on your main strength first.  Be clear to your potential clients what you offer and the benefits; if you offer too much at the beginning, you may confuse your clients.  Keep it simple and make it easy to understand what you offer.  Additionally, make it easy for client to do business with you!



3) Finally, get the word out!  Make sure family, friends, acquaintances and local businesses all know about your new venture.  Encourage them to spread the word, then be sure to thank them when they refer work your way!


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