19 Jul 2018


As a small business owner over the summer months I watch as my friends and family post photos of their family vacations on social media. Sure it’s easy to take vacation time when you’re an employee that works for a company. However, as a business owner, it’s a struggle, and we too often forget to take time for ourselves!

I often have small business owners complain that they can’t get away. They may be the only one in their company or their employees are not ready to manage while they’re gone. We all know that we want to take a trips, but worry about our business while we’re gone. Some are fortunate enough that they can take their work with them on the road, but really, what kind of vacation is that? And as the years go by I realize that it’s not always the trip that I desire, but it’s the chance to step away that I look forward to.

So, I’m writing today to encourage you as a small business owner to take the trip. Check in if you need, but take some time away, too. Sometimes it’s too difficult to even think about, but it’s possible! And it will be fine! You may have to train or even hire someone to fill in for you while you’re gone. Maybe you’ll even close your shop for a week or to. Plan ahead. Start training your fill in ahead of time, or let your customers know when you’ll be closed.

Take this opportunity to jump out of the box, and consider something exciting like a “back from vacation sale”, or a “leaving for vacation clearance”. You could do a marketing push asking your customers to stop by and visit “Jane” while you are gone for a week, or promise a new product when you return.

And do you know what? If you have a good service or product, your customers will wait for you. And do you know what’s better, yet? They won’t mind waiting for you! In fact, most people understand, and taking a vacation makes you a real person to them!

It’s worth it. You’ll have the memories of your vacations forever. You’ll come back rested and with a fresh mind. TAKE THE TRIP! You need it, and you deserve it!

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