20 Mar 2018


by: Cindy Agans


Do you ever get up in the morning and wish you could go right back to bed?  You just don’t feel like facing people;  a day in complete quiet would be great!


But as a manager,  we can’t do that.  When we walk into our place of business,  we are “on stage”.  Think about it.  If you walk in and the first person you interact with is grumpy, out of sorts, just not in a good mood,  what does this do to you?  Makes you anything but happy!  It is something that can travel quickly.


When you walk in the door,  no matter how you feel,  no matter you would rather be home in bed,  you have to be “the ray of sunshine”.  A smile on your face,  a “Good Morning”!  to everyone you see.


A smile is catching!  We don’t automatically think about it;  but the next time you are around people,  do this little test.  Everytime you talk or even see someone;  smile!  My guess is that almost everyone will smile back.  And if people are smiling,  it’s hard not to do the job in front of you.


And it makes the day go faster.  I had an employee that loved to sing;  she thought she was going to win a singing program someday!  So she practiced……………..at work!  I told her as long as she was in her office and not bothering anyone,  go ahead!  If that made her work better,  I’m all for it.  We might not all be able to sing,  but smiling is the next best thing.


Make sure you talk to the people you work with every day.  And give them one, big, happy, SMILE!

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