06 Jan 2018

Is Budget A Bad Word?

Does the word “budget” make you want to hang your head and hide? If so, you may be more like me than you think. Before a few years ago, I’d always hated the word budget, and couldn’t get past the thought of a budget being something that would cause me to suffer in horrible pain. I kind of made things work, and when I say kind of, I mean my money situation wasn’t really working. I couldn’t remember who I paid when and how much I owed to vendors. I constantly had a stress on my shoulders, but couldn’t make myself actually sit down and figure out what to do.

One day it got the best of me and I finally did it. And, you know what? It wasn’t that bad. I filled out a spreadsheet and made things work. So, now I’m telling you, if you do not have a budget, yet, it’s time.

Not sure where to start? First you’ll need to project your income and estimate your expenses. Then, take a look at our videos designed by David Hilton designed to easily help you get started with your financial documents. At BBC, we have training videos to help you get started with financial sheets, marketing, employees and everything else you need to know to grow your business. Browse through our videos today, and get on the right path!

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