23 Feb 2018

Even Good Employees Need You

It’s amazing the things that are every day life that can also impact us in our daily jobs.  As a Manager,  I deal with people everyday.  Sometimes,  we have to think “outside the box”.


I have an 11 year old Yorkie/mix named Buddy  that I rescued 8 years ago.   Love this dog!   He is getting some “old age” problems,  but then again so am I!!


I even put in an Invisible Fence for him.  This is a great way for him to be outside without me worrying about him running off, or even worse,  running into the street.  For the past 3 years,  all has been going well with the fence.  In fact,  he was doing so good,  I have not even put the collar on him the last year or so.  He was trained!!


Last month,  I had knee surgery.  I found a wonderful kennel to board Buddy.  His own little house,  his own bed and bowls,  and daily play times in their indoor fenced in play area.  He was on vacation!


I was finally able to bring him home last week.  I was so happy!  Buddy, however,  seemed a little despondent. I think he was missing all of his new friends. But we settled down and all went back to normal.      Until………….


8:00 p.m. my doorbell rings.  My neighbor,  from across the street,  is at the door with Buddy!!  She said he was just sitting at her front door,  barking.  I thanked her profusely and brought Buddy in the house.  Across the street!  At night!   I was hysterical.  Why?  Did the change confuse him?  It was a long time to be away from home. OK.  Time to put the collar back on.  Retraining is definitely needed here.  I can’t lose my best fur friend!

Does this happen to employees?

It reminds me of trying to retrain your employees.  Good Employees.  They have worked Loyally for you for years.  Yet,  all of a sudden their work is shoddy,  their attitude seems to be going downhill.  So what do you do?  You really do not want to lose someone that has been such an asset.


Talk to your employee.  Find out the problem.  Has there been changes to something at work?  At home?  Is there a medical condition?  There is usually an explanation.  And taking the time to find it,  not only saves you a valuable employee,  it lets the employee know that you are really concerned.  Work with them to find solutions.  Take the input and maybe make changes in your work environment,  or things that are done on a daily basis that no longer make sense.  The worst line I ever heard?  “But we have always done it this way!”.  Maybe rethinking some things will be a good boost to everyone!


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