25 Jul 2018


1. Not creating a budget and managing financials
If you don’t take much time to set and keep your budget, or if it just gets away from you, you’re not alone. Budgets and financials do take time, and as a small business owner, that’s not something you have too much of! Often times the financial part is the easiest thing to put off until tomorrow. However, in order to make smart business decisions, you need to stay on top of the dollars.

2. Not being an effective boss
Being the leader of a company is no easy task, and trusting your business with an employee is no easier. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day, but pay attention to the example you are to everyone in your company, and appreciate your employees!

3. Not being honest
Sure, your little white lie about why Mrs. Dover’s order is late probably won’t make the national news, but these habits will catch up with you over time. If things just don’t add up with customers, it’s just a matter of time before bad word gets around from customer to customer. Be honest! Tell the truth! Even if you think the customer will be upset, most people genuinely appreciate the communication and an honest response. And, if you’re honest, it’s just a matter of time before the GOOD word gets around from customer to customer!

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